Posted on Jan 08, 2014

Family Foot & Ankle Specialists wants to help make patients aware of the risks involved when using an ordinary nail salon. Skin diseases, nail fungus, athletes foot, and warts are among the top common foot problems that can result from an unsanitary nail salon. How often does your nail person clean the pedicure tub? What agents are they using to clean those instruments? How many nails have used that nail polish brush before you...and do you know if they had nail fungus?

Our nail spa, Healthy Nail & Body Spa cleans their instruments with the same tools used to clean surgical equipment. it is that clean. Our nail technician uses an autoclave, a machines that uses intense heat to kill any bacteria, fungus or other diseases to clean her instruments after each and every client. We guarantee a clean, safe and beautiful manicure and pedicure.

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