Posted on May 15, 2012

It's not news that people can become very obsessed with their looks. Especially now a days when Botox is available in your dentist office and brides-to-be are using feeding tubes to knock off those last few pounds. However, people have turned their attention onto their feet. Many women are having cosmetic surgery on their feet to better fit into unhealthy, unsafe shoes! Some are even having their fifth (little) toe removed!

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This growing epidemic has doctors concerned. Typically, surgery is reserved for situations that cannot be dealt with any other way. Surgery in our NJ podiatrist office is most often used as a last resort treatment option once all conservative methods have been eliminated. There are complications that can happen during, even after surgery. So podiatrists around the globe are stunned that women are literally risking their lives for the "perfect" shoe! Shoes are supposed to be comfortable, functional and supportive....not life threatening!

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