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Children can experience many foot problems including heel pain, bunions, warts, fungus and more. If your child is in pain, you need to see a podiatrist for children.

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Foot care in children will greatly influence their feet and how they function later on in life. If a child's foot problems are left untreated, it could lead to more serious problems as they become an adult. In addition, children should be checked to make sure they are wearing proper shoes and have proper gait (walk)by a podiatrist for children.

Children's Foot Injuries

The most common problem we treat in children is injuries. Children are clumsy and active which can lead to simple skinned toes or more serious sprained ankles. Luckily, children are very durable and usually recover much faster than adults. The best way to get a child better from a foot or ankle injury is to diagnose the problem quickly and begin a treatment plan. Untreated injuries can lead to serious problems  as adults. 

Children's Foot Treatments:

Most children's foot problems and injuries can be treated conservatively. It can be very frustrating trying to get a child to keep off their feet! Most treatment for children include proper footwear-shoes and sports related. Also, foot and ankle stretches are important for children. A podiatrist for children will be able to determine the best treatments foe their growing feet!

Skin & Nail Problems:

We see a lot of children with skin or nail problems. Children are very susceptible to warts and ingrown toenails. These problems can be scar for kids and parents. We understand and we have procedures that make the child comfortable, if not pain free throughout the treatment. Most often, we have patients leaving happy and relieved!

Growing Feet in Children

Some children experience pain or problems that are associated with growing. While there are some "growing pains" that can be expected, it is much safer to be seen and verified by a podiatrist. 

Top Children's Foot Problems:


  • Heel Pain
  • Warts
  • Children's Shoes
  • Bunions
  • Flat Feet
  • Club Foot


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If you are looking for a pediatric podiatrist for children, you have come to the right place. Our doctors have the experience and knowledge to handle all problems in children. Call our office (732) 968-3833 or (908) 874-8030 to make an appointment today. The best way to prevent foot problems as an adult is to correct any problems as a child.

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