Community Outreach


 For the doctors of Family Foot & Ankle Specialists, health and well being does not stop at the feet.  The doctor’s firmly believe that being healthy is a lifestyle commitment, and most health problems are preventable with the right tools and education.   For that reason, each of the doctors are dedicated to teaching the community about predominant health issues, preventative measures and treatment plans, as well increasing community awareness from health to daily struggles.
 Through in office conferences, meticulous product explanations, and a recruited team of experienced professionals, our doctors find it essential to keep people informed on the latest health news, which is why we have composed a monthly newsletter for all of our patients.   The newsletter highlights a specific foot condition each month and gives helpful preventative instructions as well as treatment plans and options   

Our doctors, also, went a step further and wrote three books entitled Got Feet?, You Do Not Have to Suffer with Heel Pain, and the latest The Truth About Diabetes and Your Feet to better clarify many common foot problems and as a service to the community these books are offered free of charge.
While health is always an important concern, the doctor’s at Family Foot & Ankle Specialists understand there are many fundamentals to leading a fulfilling lifestyle such as giving back to the community.   There are members of the community or family as we call it, who sometimes need a lending hand, which is why we offer support in many different ways.   A long standing tradition we organize is the annual shoe drive.   We reach out to all members of the community and ask for donations of any shoes in good to excellent condition which proceeds the Plainfield Salvation Army.   As podiatrists, our doctors know and understand the extreme significance of wearing shoes and most importantly wearing properly fitted shoes. 
We also participate in the highly publicized annual Toys for Tots program.   This program allows our offices in Hillsborough and Piscataway to act as drop sites for community members who would like to contribute toys to benefit a local children’s hospital.   The idea is to bring some holiday warmth to children whose families are struggling through the holiday season.      Along those same lines, we also perform a food drive leading up to Thanksgiving to help families who are having difficulty providing nutritious meals.  Furthermore, we host a Candy Buy Back during Halloween to benefit underprivileged children. 
In addition, we participate with each of our communities in providing free health exams for senior citizens.   In this day and age the dollar just doesn’t seem to stretch as far and living healthy on a fixed income can become quite difficult.   While seniors have the most foot ailments, they are often less able to budget treatment costs.  
At  Family Foot & Ankle Specialists you are not just a patient, your are considered to a part of our large and ever growing family, and in this family we like to take care of each other mentally and physically!