Foot & Ankle Injuries: Preventing Injuries & Getting You Better Fast!

foot and ankle pain

Many, if not most people will experience a foot or ankle pain in their lifetime.

The difference between getting your life back and being stuck immobile can be based on the type of care you get and how fast you get it. Of course we always say, no injury is better than any other kind of injury, which is why preventative education is important. However, accidents happen and you need to understand how your recovery plan will get you back to your normal life as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Causes of Foot & Ankle Injuries:

There are many different causes of foot or ankle injuries. Some of the most common causes include ill fitting shoes, falling, or a sports injury. We see these injuries everyday. Injuries are often overlooked while some think it will get better with time, it almost never does! It's important to utilize technology, such as X-rays or ultrasound to diagnose the problem so doctors can devise an effective treatment plan. 

Common Foot & Ankle Injuries:

Achilles Tendonitis

Posterior Tibial Tendonitis

Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

Ankle Sprains

Toe Fractures

Treating Foot & Ankle Injuries:

There are many different treatment options available for foot and ankle injuries. Our office will devise a custom treatment plan based on your specific injury and lifestyle. We have a wide array of technologies to help get you better, faster. We believe in treating most injuries conservatively before we will recommend more invasive options. 

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