Learn to Prevent Foot and Ankle Injuries as well the Best Treatments to Get You Back to Your Sport Faster!

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Here at Family Foot & Ankle Specialists, we are the experts in athletic foot care. Our doctors, being athletes themselves, are skilled to handle all areas of sports medicine including injuries, preventative care, shoe wear and more. If you have a sports related injury, it is important to treat it right away to prevent further problems.

Children Athletes to Triathletes:

We treat athletes of all ages and skill level. We see many child athletes, weekend warriors and extremely passionate triathletes in our office. The benefit of being treated in our office is we have a wide array of treatment options we customize to treat each athlete's goals. If getting back in the game immediately is your priority, we have treatments that can help with that. If you are more concerned with long term problems and pain, we can also help to prevent further complications down the road.

Problems and Treatment:

We are skilled and experienced at treating all foot and ankle injuries. We commonly see heel pain, achilles injuries, ankle injuries, turf toe and much more. Our office is equipped with digital X-rays, Ultrasound, even painless Laser Therapy so we can diagnose the problem and begin treatment immediately. In addition, our doctors are experienced surgeons. If conservative treatment does not correct the problem or if you decide, we are able to surgically correct most problems.

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Common Sports Injuries:

 Treatment Options:


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