Shoes For All Kinds of Feet

We have shoes for all types of feet- from the wide to narrow foot, children's feet, diabetic feet or any foot problems, we have the shoes for you! 

shoes for people with foot problems

Did you know 80% of people are wearing the wrong size shoe? Many common foot problems can be prevented by wearing properly fitted shoes and shoes that were designed for the type of activity you are engaging in. We have shoes at our office that are designed to prevent and some even to treat common foot problems. 

Dress Shoes

Dress shoes for both men and women can lead to foot problems. They are often too narrow, too tight and you are wearing them too long. Many dress shoes offer little to no support and can cause problems ranging from heel pain, achilles tendonitis, even ingrown toenails. Getting measured and fitted is very important to preventing problems. A pair of custom dress orthotics can provide support and prevent pain.

Athletic Footwear

Your athletic footwear is is crucial to keeping your feet safe while playing sports. We see many athletes in our office suffering from heel pain and ankle sprains from wearing shoes that were not meant for that sport. You should meet with a shoe expert to determine the size and style of shoes right for your foot and activity.

Diabetic Footwear

Diabetes can lead to a a lot of serious foot problems if not monitored properly. Diabetics need to see a podiatrist to check for any changes in their skin or nails. Preventing problems is the best way to stay safe. Shoes can either keep your feet safe or lead to more problems. Shoes that don't fit properly can lead to rubbing and irritation, this can lead to ulcers and infections. Getting as comfortable, diabetic approved pair of shoes is so important.

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Common Shoes

Styles of Shoes

  • Aetrex Shoes- for diabetics, seniors, and all the in between!

  • Dr. Comfort- slippers, dress shoes, sneakers, socks and more

  • Anodyne- great for diabetics and those looking for comfort and style

  • Vionic Shoes- designed by a podiatrist, these shoes are the ultimate package when it comes to style and comfort.

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