Dear Doctor Wishnie and Staff, We are writing to you today because we want you to know something. And today its not something you often hear from people in general.

It's simply that we are extraordinarily happy that we chose, you all to be Rose's helpers, to get rid of the pains in her left feet. Quite frankly, we think it is another miracle in our lives.

You see when we first came to you, Rose was racked with pain in her left foot and her right foot also. Bob was racked with frustration because there didn't seem to be anything he could do to help Rose. Now everything is 180 degrees different. The biggest part of the pain is subsided. The inadequacy and lack of help frustration has dwindled to almost nonexistent.

The betterment of the Claytor's is solely due to the enthusiasm and expertise of you, Dr. Wishnie and your highly qualified staff. From the onset, we mutually noticed the air of togetherness, the attitude of singular goal and the general feeling of being welcome.

Again, just let us say how glad we are to have found you and your staff. It is a privilege to know you all.

 Rose J. Claytor & Robert E. Claytor