I can not begin to thank you all for your kindness, professionalism, knowledge and expertise ine very aspect of my treatment thus far. From the very moment that I called to make my initial appointment and spoke to Amanda. I knew I had made the right choice. She was so thoughtful and accomodating. She made an immediate appointment. I would have never expected my experience could get any better, however then I was followed up by Jasmine and Sarah, who were amazing to deal with as well. They wanted to make sure all my paperwork was completed prior to my appointment to ensure I recieved the lowest copay through my insurance benefits, as well as lead me to the correct specialist. 


I arrived at my appointment somewhat early, almost 45 minutes, but that did not delay me being seen right away. As soon as I signed in, I was lead in the back examining room by Medical Assistant, Elaine. She was kind, compassionate and extremely knowledgeable of getting to the questions that needed to be answered so the specialist would have all necessary information to treat me. 

Then I met Dr. Sonaike. I do not know how to say it other than she is awesome. Her care and expertise in this field was and still is mind blowing. She treated me where others have failed and she provided this within minutes. Dr. Sonaike has a wonderful way of putting you at ease from the moment you meet her. Never mind the unbelieveable knowledge she ascertains in beyond comprehension. 


All in all, what more can I say? Family Foot & Ankle Specialist in Piscataway does everything right. Do not pass up on an opportunity to experience the same as I have. 

Eric S.