Dr. Wishnie

Family Foot and Ankle Specialist, LLC

Dear Dr. Wishnie and Staff,

I want to express my sincere gratitude and extreme praise for your expertise in successfully restoring the health of my right foot.  My bunions and other foot problems had become intolerable to live with.  My job which requires me to be on my feet 8 hours a day was becoming unbearable with a pain level that was at a 10 or higher every day.  I was nearly crippled.

After years of living with bunions I was extremely saddened to have to give up jogging and hiking which I love so much.  I then found another love-cycling!  However even that had to be given up due to the pain level I was at.

Because of not just one, but two bad experiences with failed surgeries on my left foot with other surgeons I waited years to address my right foot.  I interviewed over 5 specialists in this field from New York to Philadelphia.

As luck would have it I found myself in your care.  It was your personal approach and patience spending time with me explaining the procedures and reassuring me that you could help me that gave me the confidence to trust you with this life altering procedure.

Anyone suffering with the problems I had can understand how much effect it has on your life and the constant pain never lets you forget.

I believe the following pictures tell the story better than words. 

I remember you saying after the surgery that this was the worst bunion case you and your staff had ever come across.  When I look at the before pictures I cringe remembering the pain and hopeless state I was in.  Fortunately now I have a new foot and new lease on life because of your care.

My entire experience with you and your staff was refreshingly personal and positive.  I always received their friendly smiles and helpful assistance whenever I called or visited.  You have proven that personalized professional care is still possible.  And thanks again for the phone calls you personally made to me to follow up and make certain I was doing well.  You’re not only a great surgeon, but a true doctor as well.  Please don’t change.

I want to world to know how happy you have made me.  I never thought my foot would not only look this good but feel this good as well.  I am back on my bike and looking forward to having you repair my left foot soon!



Lorie King

Lori King