Dear Dr. Wishnie,

Of all the medical doctors I have seen and most specialists too, your practice is the only one I can remember where both the receptionist and nursing staff were happy to be doing their jobs and communicated that to the patient through words and body language that the patient, in this case me I felt I would receive good care and the motto of physicians, "do no harm", clearly applied.

The staff that I encountered in Hillsborough, Ashley- the receptionist, she has a great sense of humor and responded to me with great joy. Elaine the nurse was terrific and also very compassionate and kind. Last but not least was Dr. Schaeffer, he was smiling when I saw him and not laughing at me but with me. I told him of an injury of stubbing my toe with bleeding and he administered some kind of cream Silvadene, that immediately brought the pain to an end. Elaine gave me iodine to take home after that.

Dr. Brad Schaeffer

So whatever else you need as a testimony, I will supply it. The testimonials on the website are great but mine was really about the staff and their friendly, happy, professional manner!


Kevin Whalen