As far back as I can remember, my feet have been a source of discomfort. So much so, that I began to equate their sensitivity to the Princess in the fable "The Princess and the Pea", her ability to feel a pea through a stack of mattresses.

Flat feet, born with them. Bunions inherited (smile). Weak ankles, which in the teen years, often needed wrapping as a result of a mis-step during basketball and gym (PT). Developing hammertoes, becoming more and more pronounced as time passed.

The onset of diabetes two years ago, and taking into consideration the effect it could have on my feet is what prompted me to see a doctor.

Encouraged by my Sister-In-Law, and upon her recommendation, who is a patient of Dr. Wishnie, I became one of his patients.

It was the best decision I could've made. The achilles tendonitis by this time decided to act up. Especially the one on my right foot, causing much pain and swelling, so much that in order for me to walk, I needed the assistance of a cane.

As a result of Dr. Wishnie's expertise, diligence and concern, having been fitted with a brace, the pain and swelling was eliminated and also the need for a cane. For which I am very thankful.

One final though, I appreciate the Atmosphere of Welcome and evidence of professionalism and concern that pervades the office.

Have a Happy and Prosperous New Year One and All!

Gratefully and Sincerely Yours,
Jean Bose
Jean Bose