Dear Doctor Waters & Team at FFAS,

I would like to say thank you for the responsive and professional treatment last week when I attended your offices in Hillsborough. The service was excellent and the personal touch by Doctor Waters was very much appreciated.

You made me feel 'cared for' and gave me your total attention and as such I came away feeling reassured you both understood my condition and gave me full confidence in the treatment you prescribed. Very much appreciated.

I also received your wonderful letter this morning. How refreshing to receive such a personalized note from a practitioner in the medical profession. A first ever for me here.

It gave me the WOW factor!

Your sincere caring approach to your patients comes shining through and believe me it is both appreciated and extremely reassuring that the personal touch is not lost in a profession that seemingly, at least on the surface, only cares about their priorities.

Keep up the great work and I for one will be sure to spread the good word about your services.

Tom Meek
Tom Meek- Princeton, NJ