I had intense, severe, sharp heel pain when I first stepped out of bed. it impacted me all day. It was an 8 out of 10 at its worst. I suffered with pain for 8+ months figuring it would "eventually go away on its own." It did not. I love to jog and do 5K races and the pain got to the point that I could not even jog 1/4 mile without feeling excruciating right heel pain and being forced to stop. It was very painful to walk on a daily basis. Being in constant pain is very frustrating and stressful. I worried that I'd have to stop jogging altogether and found that VERY upsetting.

I have 0 pain now! I went into the office at the suggestion of a fellow runner friend. They took ultrasounds, X-rays and gave me a cortisone injection to my right heel. Within a half hour it alleviated my heel pain. Now, 6 weeks later, I'm still pain free. I ran 5 miles pain free 2 days ago (furthest distance ever for me!) I'm looking forward to increasing my jogging distance and continuing to be grateful that thanks to Dr. Wishnie, I am "PAIN FREE!!"


Darlene Abry