My daughter is 8 years old and terrified of doctors. One day after a bath we noticed a small bump on the bottom of her foot. I took her to the pediatrician who suggested we take her to see Dr. Bonnin. Our pediatrician assured us Dr. Bonnin was gentle with children.

My daughter was literally quaking in the welcoming area. The medical assistant Mimi was kind and friendly and she helped put my daughter at ease. Dr. Bonnin entered the room and immediately got down to my daughters level, shook hands and talked to her in a manner which made my daughter feel at ease. She was respectful of my daughters fears and explained what she had ( a wart) and what she would do to help it go away. It was a painless procedure in the office and we use at home care as well. My daughter was given a sticker and a unicorn bandage from Dr. Bonnin and she left with no pain and a smile on her face.

Thank you Dr. Bonnin!