3 must-haves in your summer shoes, namely your flip flops. Flip flops are never your go-to-shoe. Flip flops should only be used in situations where you will not be walking for long periods of time. They are best if you're walking around the beach or pool. They're also great for protecting your feet from not so sanitary hotel floors.

Just like any good shoe, there some tips to ensuring you're getting a safe, healthy shoe. Your flip flop should have a good arch support, this means your $1 flip flop special is not going to cut it. Your flip flop needs to have some substance and provide support to your arch. In addition, you should have a strap going across the foot, instead of between the toes. This provides extra support for your feet and can help prevent common problems caused by the strap going between your toes. Lastly, your flip flop should have a strap around the back of the foot.

If you are experiencing any foot or ankle problems, call our office to get help immediately. Also, we have a stylish and safe shoe line available in our office that will help to get you the best fitting shoe.

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