Dr. Brad Schaeffer, a podiatrist at Family Foot & Ankle Specialists offers some techniques to relieving foot pain at home. These simple tips can help to relieve pain from sore, tired or aching feet.

Stretching is Dr. Schaeffer's number one recommendation. Calf stretching also stretches the foot and can help to relieve the pain in your feet. This is especially helpful for athletes, women who wear high heels, and those who spend most of the day on their feet. Overusing the foot, as an athlete or someone whose job required, causes most common foot pain. Wearing high heels also affects the tendons in the foot and causes them to tighten.

In addition, Dr. Schaeffer recommends soaking your feet in Epsom salt. Epsom salt wicks away moisture and relieves the pain associated with tired aching feet. Use warm, not hot, water and soak your feet from anywhere from 15-25 minutes. Be sure to dry your feet and in between your toes after you are finished.

If these simple tips do not relieve your foot pain, you are probably experiencing something more severe and should see a podiatrist immediately. The sooner you treat a problem, the easier and faster your recovery tends to be.


Brad Schaeffer, D.P.M.
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