If you loved to dance, would you listen to a doctor who told you that you should stop dancing due to your foot pain, or would you find a foot specialist to treat your pain so that you could return to dancing? This is exactly what Shirley De Fellipo experienced, as she shares more about her story in this video.

Shirley De Fellipo and her husband love to dance; however, she was experiencing severe foot pain when she would dance. She saw a few doctors, who all told her she needed to stop dancing, but then she found Dr. Peter Wishnie who treated her pain. Dr. Wishnie told Shirley that her foot pain was due to neuroma, which is a thickening of a nerve in the foot, and that it is curable. He treated her feet with injections of dehydrated alcohol—without surgery—and she was able to return to dancing. This time, however, Shirley was able to dance pain-free.

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