You Can Have Clear, Healthy Looking Toenails in One Visit

Our laser and keryflex package can give you clear and healthy looking toenails in just one visit. First, you will have the laser application. The laser is completely painless, safe and effective. The laser does not burn, it barely feels warm to the touch. It works to kill the causes of the fungus which thrive in, around and under your toenails. The laser is designed to kill off the fungi and prevent it from coming back.

Next, we will apply the Keryflex onto your toenail. The Keryflex is a topical resin that goes on almost like an acrylic nail. Our well trained team will apply the Keryflex and shape it to give you the look, feeling and appearance of a healthy, clear toenail. The Keryflex goes on thick enough to cover most chipped, brittle and discolored toenails. Then you go under the light to dry and seal the Keryflex. 

Like a Real Toenail

Once the Keryflex dries, you can treat it like any other toenail. You can go swimming, play in the sand, get pedicures and paint it. You have the confidence of a real looking and feeling toenail. So many of our patients love that they have the confidence to wear sandals and go barefoot all summer. Many of our patients get the package before big occasions such as wedding, graduations and vacations while other like to feel free and confident all summer.

Denise Bonnin, D.P.M.
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Dr. Denise Bonnin is an amazing foot and ankle doctor. She loves to treat children, seniors, and athletes!