Here at Family Foot and Ankle Specialists, we believe in helping our communities. We don’t treat patients based on their healthcare, but based on their foot and ankle needs. Nowadays, while many doctors’ offices run their practices as a business, we believe it’s important to run our practice as a family. We believe that a doctor should stand for helping the community and helping people feel better—not the bottom line.

We believe it’s extremely important to give back to our community by getting involved and helping those who are in need. In addition to many of the programs and services that we participate in, we host and annual food drive, where we collect food around Thanksgiving and donate it to our local food pantries. We also collect new and unused toys in our annual toy drive around Christmas time to donate to families who are less fortunate, in order to allow them to provide a memorable holiday for their children.

We also host an “emergency day” at our office where we treat patients without healthcare at absolutely no cost and hold a “good deed contest” in which children send in an essay sharing something good that they’ve done in the community.

We believe that as a local business and healthcare provider, it’s our responsibility to help our community and its members in any way that we can. If you’re in pain, let us help you. Contact our Piscataway or Hillsborough podiatry office to schedule your initial consultation.