What if you elected to have foot surgery on your bunion, but it came back—along with severe foot pain? You might resign yourself to the possibility that you may have to live with your foot deformity and pain due to a failed surgical procedure, which is what Lorie King went through and shares about in this video.

Lorie King had two failed foot surgeries and almost had decided that she had to live with her bunions, hammertoes, and foot pain. After suffering for months, Lorie found Dr. Peter Wishnie and shared with him what she had been through and how she was hesitant to enter into another surgical procedure. From the moment Lorie spoke with Dr. Wishnie, she had confidence that he could help her alleviate her foot pain, which is what he did. Now Lorie’s feet look great, and she is back to hiking and cycling, with no foot pain. 

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