As a runner, you probably crave running. So, when your body prevents you from running due to foot pain, you need help fast. However, you don’t want to just turn to any doctor for help. As Judit Ward explains in his video, she got a lot of bad advice from health care professionals, which is why it is critical to see the right doctora podiatrist who understands runners and helps runners get back on their feet again

Judit Ward was participating in a triathlon when she tripped getting off her bike. Although she went on to complete the race, her foot was bruised, swollen, and she was in pain. She heard a popping sound and felt sharp pain immediately after she tripped, which is what caused her to contact a New Jersey foot specialist. Judit used Facebook to contact Dr. Peter Wishnie after her race on a Sunday, and he saw her the next day. Upon taking an x-ray of her foot, Dr. Wishnie identified that she had fractured the fifth metatarsal bone. After surgery, Judit is out of pain and back to running again.

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