When feet hit the ground, sometimes the angle of a foot can be abnormal, causing the foot to roll inward. This can put excessive strain on a foot, which can lead to a loss of stability, inflammation, and foot pain. Runners, even more than others, need to correct this motion so that they can run pain-free.

Rolf Arands, a runner for over 20 years, has been wearing orthotics since 1992, to help prevent the motion that was causing him foot pain and injuries. He found Dr. Peter Wishnie following a race, as he was looking through the names of all the runners who participated that day. Since Dr. Wishnie runs himself, Rolf felt comfortable turning to him since he understands running mechanics. A mold of both feet was taken to create custom-made orthotics, also referred to as shoe inserts, in order to bring stability to his feet. 

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