An ingrown toenail in the doctor world is called paronychia. A paronychia is an infection in the border of the toe. On your toenail, you have a medial and lateral border of the toe. The nail then grows into those borders and can become infected. Our bodies do not want that border in there. If you don’t cut your nails correctly and you curve your nails inward into the skin, it can become infected and inflamed and you begin experiencing redness and puss along with pain. When you experience that, you would come to our office and we would remove the offending border of the nail, which would relieve the stress added to your skin. You will then no longer have the infection once we remove the offending border and place you on antibiotics. If you have an ingrown toenail, contact Dr. Schaeffer in our Piscataway office at 732-968-3833 or reach us online at

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