Are you suffering from substantial pain and are having trouble walking? Have you been researching your symptoms and believe you may have an injury to your Achilles tendon?

At our Hillsborough podiatry office, we occasionally get patients who come in with their Achilles tendon torn completely in half because of various reasons like playing sports or turning the wrong way. The constant tension on the Achilles tendon quickly will cause it to rupture or tear in half. Sometimes it’s not fully torn, it’s just partially torn. Either way, you’ll know that you have an Achilles tendon tear because it’s nearly impossible to walk.

How do we treat Achilles tendon injuries? On a younger person the treatment is to repair it surgically. On an older individual, or if it’s only possibly torn, we usually cast it for four to six weeks to get you walking and mobile as fast as possible. Either way, if you’ve suffered an Achilles tendon injury, you’re going to have to be off your feet—and take a break from sports—for quite some time.  

These injuries need to be repaired immediately. If you’re suffering from any kind of foot or ankle pain, contact a Hillsborough podiatrist at Family Foot and Ankle Specialists today.   

Peter Wishnie, D.P.M.
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