Ankle sprains are very common problems we treat in our office everyday. Ankle sprains can be caused by sports, such as basketball or soccer, or by one little misstep off of a curb. In some cases, ankle sprains can be treated at home with some simple techniques and a lot of rest. 

The first step to treating your ankle sprain at home is to begin RICE- Rest, Ice Compression, Elevation. This will help to reduce inflammation and allow the ankle to being healing itself. You should never try to "walk it off" or "push through the pain". The best way to a speedy recovery is to give your body some time to heal. Pushing through will not only cause pain but a longer and more in depth recovery.

If you are still having pain, the ankle swells, turns color or you are unable to walk on the foot then you need to see a doctor. This could mean there is a break in the ankle and would need to be treated by a doctor. 

Peter Wishnie, D.P.M.
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