Flat feet or pronation in the feet can cause pain and other foot problems. Children are born with flat feet initially and arches form over time. By the time a child is between 4-8 year old, they should be forming arches. However, genetics and other conditions can cause a person to have flat feet that do not correct themselves.

Hyprocure is a minimally invasive, quick and effective treatment option. With this treatment option, a titanium stint is placed into space in between the ankle and foot. Hyprocure painlessly realigns the position of the foot to act as though there is an arch in place.

Hyprocure is an FDA approved treatment that can help to prevent some of the common foot problems caused by flat feet. Bunions, hammertoes, and chronic ankle sprains. This treatment option is quick and effective and a great option for children experiencing pain and injuries from their flat feet.

Hyprocure in Hillsborough NJ

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