Are you cutting your toenails properly? If you have a toenail growing into your skin, or if a toenail is red and painful, you might not be taking care of your feet right. A New Jersey podiatrist explains in this video how to properly cut your toenails in order to avoid foot pain and an ingrown toenail.  Watch to learn more.

Many people don’t realize that they aren’t taking care of their feet properly.  When toes are red and swollen, it could be caused from improper nail cutting or shoes.  If your toenail is painful and pussy, you may be cutting your toenails to the corner instead of straight across and filing them round. Additionally, ingrown toenails can also be caused from shoes that don’t fit you properly.

If you have an ingrown toenail, a New Jersey foot specialist can help ease your pain and discomfort so that you can resume your normal activities pain-free.  To learn more about the services we can provide, call Family Foot & Ankle Specialists at 908-874-8030 or 732-968-3833, or contact our offices online at

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