Frigid weather doesn't’t stop runners from running during cold winter months; runners crave running year-round, no matter the weather. However, runners need to consider some important safety precautions for cold weather running. A New Jersey foot specialist shares some important winter weather running tips in this video.

When running outside in New Jersey on a cold day, it is important to dress appropriately. Contrary to what many believe, cotton is not the best material to wear on a run. In fact, cotton will not wick away any moisture — leaving a runner cold. The best material for running is synthetic materials like Gore-Tex or Coolmax. It is also wise for runners to dress in layers under a reflective jacket. Additionally, pants, hats, gloves and even socks should be made out of synthetic materials to keep a runner warm and comfortable. It is also important for runners to keep their shoes dry to prevent frostbite while running.

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