When you are approaching a vacation or are about to take the trip of a lifetime, you don’t want to have your heel pain aggravating you and causing you pain while trying to take everything in. Kenneth Bernstein shares in this video his story about heel pain and how New Jersey podiatrist Dr. Peter Wishnie helped him travel pain-free. 

Kenneth Bernstein had heel pain from his golf shoes wearing incorrectly, so he saw Dr. Wishnie and received cortisone injection treatment to help him feel better and return to playing golf. However, he got nervous knowing he was going to be doing a lot of walking in Italy, so he returned to Family Foot & Ankle Specialists for another cortisone shot prior to his trip. While at the office, he and his girlfriend decided to buy shoes that were fitted properly to them and built for walking. Kenneth said it was the best thing they did—the other couple they traveled with complained of pain from walking, but they walked all over Italy pain-free. 

If you would like to reduce your inflammation and walk pain-free, a cortisone shot or proper shoes—fitted specifically for you—may be what you are looking for. Contact New Jersey foot doctor Peter Wishnie today at 908-874-8030 or 732-968-3833 or visit us online to learn more: