When you experience ankle, heel, or foot pain, you probably aren’t sure what is causing your pain. With the many different parts of the foot including bones, ligaments, tendons, nerves, muscles and more, you need the assistance of a skilled podiatrist and technology to diagnose the cause of your foot pain. Dr. Peter Wishnie explains in this video how using technology helps his patients.

At Family Foot & Ankle Specialists, our New Jersey podiatrists take X-rays of injured feet to diagnose broken bones. Sometimes, foot pain is not caused by a bone but rather a problem with a ligament or tendon. For this reason, we have an in-office ultrasound to determine if a ligament, nerve, or tendon is inflamed. This diagnostic tool benefits our patients and aids in their treatment.

If you have foot pain, you may need an X-ray or foot ultrasound to diagnose the cause of your pain. Call a skilled New Jersey foot doctor at Family Foot & Ankle Specialists at 908-874-8030 or 732-968-3833 to schedule a foot exam, or contact us online at

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