Taking care of your feet is as important as brushing your teeth, but they often get neglected. The reasons why they are often overlooked can vary, but taking care of your feet isn’t hard. In this informative video, Piscataway podiatrist Dr. Peter Wishnie of Family Foot and Ankle Specialists offers some easy foot care tips.

  1. Keep your feet dry between your toes. Make sure you keep your feet moisturized. If your feet are very dry, use a good cream, but keep the areas between your toes very dry; otherwise, an athlete’s foot infection could occur.
  2. Wear good socks that will wick away moisture. Cotton socks will keep the moisture in and cause athlete’s foot, so they’re not the best choice when it comes to keeping your feet healthy and dry. Synthetic wicking socks, such as Coolmax, are better alternatives. 
  3. Check your feet daily. We wash our hair, our hands, and our bodies, but sometimes we forget about our feet. Make sure your feet look and feel great. Also check to make sure your shoes fit properly and don’t contain pebbles or anything else that could injure you.

If you’re a diabetic, you should check your feet at least twice per day. Also order our FREE book on foot care tips for diabetics, The Truth About Diabetes and Your Feet.

If you find that your feet aren’t in tip-top shape, stop suffering. Call our office to make an appointment with a Hillsborough foot doctor today.


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