Do you feel a ball on the bottom of your arch? A thick, little ball on the bottom of your foot may be plantar fibromatosis, which may or may not be painful. A New Jersey foot doctor explains more about this foot condition here in this video.

You may be wondering how the ball under your arch got there. Generally, people notice it years after they have suffered a sports injury or stepped on something they didn’t mean to step on. When trauma occurs to the ligament, plantar fibromatosis is the result. Most of the time, this little ball is not painful and it can be left alone because it is a benign growth; however, sometimes the growth can be painful to some people.

If the ball under your arch is causing you pain, at Family Foot & Ankle Specialists, we can treat it through a process called cryotherapy to freeze the growth. To learn more, call our Piscataway and Hillsborough podiatrists today at 908-874-8030 or 732-968-3833, or contact our offices online at

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