Our Hillsborough and Piscataway podiatry offices are skilled and experienced in treating children's foot and ankle injuries. 

When a child experiences a foot or ankle injury it can be very scary for the child and for the parents. You worry about the pain, the downtime and the lifelong affects of an injury. Most children are more concerned with getting back on their feet as quickly as possible.

Our doctor treat children in the office everyday. Our office has state of the art equipment so we are able to diagnose the problem quickly with digital x-rays and ultrasound so we can begin the best treatment option. We listen to the concerns of the child and the parents to determine the goals and expectations of the family, then we make a customized treatment plan based on the child's lifestyle.

Our doctors are skilled surgeons so if surgery is necessary, we have you covered. Often, conservative treatment will be all that's needed. With laser therapy, strappings, custom orthotics and some good old rest, we can get your child better without any medication or surgery. The best way to get better is to be treated as soon as the injury occurs. Don't wait to see a doctor, make the appointment now!

Peter Wishnie, D.P.M.
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