Do you have pain and swelling in your ankle? If you have flat feet, you might have posterior tibial tendonitis. Tendonitis in the foot is a common problem for people with severely flat feet. Dr. Peter Wishnie explains this condition and discusses treatment options for this type of ankle and foot pain here in this video.

Posterior tibial tendonitis is inflammation of the tendon on the inside of the ankle bone. The affected tendon runs from the ankle bone and across the middle part of the foot, which makes it a major tendon in the foot. When this tendon gets inflamed, it can be very painful. The reason why people with flat feet have tendinitis is that they have collapsed arches, but the tendon still attempts to pull the arch up — making the foot and the tendon opposing forces.

Treatment options for a partial tendon tear could require surgery, anti-inflammatory treatment, low-dose steroid, or an occasional injection. People with posterior tibial tendonitis will also need a proper orthotic custom device to control the grinding foot motion that occurs with flat feet.

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