Want to know the difference between a regular bunion and a tailor’s bunion? While a tailor’s bunion is similar to a regular bunion, it develops on the outside of the foot instead of the inside. A New Jersey podiatrist shares more about this foot condition here in this video.

Severe foot pain is common with a tailor’s bunion because the bone is moving outward and causing irritation to the skin, making the skin red and inflamed. Simultaneously, the bone is pressing on the nerve that runs between the bone and skin. When shoes are added to the mix, it is a recipe for excruciating pain. With a small tailor’s bunion, a person can alleviate foot pain with medication and shoe inserts. If the bunion is large, a surgical procedure would be required to shave down the bone. However, rehabilitation time is shorter after surgery on a tailor’s bunion compared to a regular bunion.

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