Bunions don’t just come out of nowhere. If you have a bunion, it is most likely an internal issue. Something is wrong with the shape of your foot; it is a muscular imbalance and it is hereditary. Your mom or dad could have it or even your grandma could have a bunion. Wearing improper shoe gear, suffering an injury, having gout or arthritis or an autoimmune disease can make bunions worse. If you catch a bunion earlier than later, it is much easier to treat. If you want to fix your bunion, fix it when you are younger and not when you are older because the recovery when you are younger is much easier than when you are older. I don’t want my patients to be in pain or see them struggling. I want them to have the easiest transition, which is why I recommend you fix your bunion sooner than later. To talk with one of our podiatrists about bunion treatment, call our Piscataway office at 732-968-3833, our Hillsborough office at 908-874-8030, or reach us online at

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