Dr. Christina Sawires explains why now is the best time for foot surgery. Dr. Sawires is a podiatric doctor at Family Foot & Ankle Specialists who treats all types of foot and ankle pain and problems. She treats sports injuries, children's foot care, nail and skin issues and all other problems. 

Dr. Sawires explains how why now is the best time for foot surgery. If you're one of the many, many Americans working from home, there really hs never been a more perfect time. You're commute is gone, you no longer have to wear dress shoes, no walking through big parking lots, no big office complexes, no hard floors. In contrary, you are allowed to stay at your desk with your feet up all day, you can wear slippers or go barefoot, and you don't have very far of a commute.

If you have been considering foot surgery or have been waiting for the best time. This is it! There really hasnever been a better time! Call our office or schedule a visit to come in and discuss the best treatment for you!